Stem LED

Single to multi wavelength LED, LED and photodiode combo, made with metal stem and hermetically sealed glass lens A variety of InGaN, GaAlAs, GaAs or AnGaAsP LED die are mounted in a metal stem and covered with epoxy or hermetically sealed with a glass lens. Various package sizes are available. If need a custom part we are willing to discuss the options; Please contact us.

Product numbering: “L” + wavelength + type example:L850-40K42 is a metal can type LED lamp with peak radiant intensity of 850 and a 40K42 package. Please click on the desired product for data sheets. contact us if no link appears for a desired combination.

Lead(Pb) Free Product – RoHS Compliant

Wavelength Product number
ultra violet LED 375nm L375-30K00 L375-30K42 L375-30M00 L375-30M32 L375-30T52 L375-30M32L L375-30K42L
385nm L385-30K00 L385-30K42 L385-30M00 L385-30M32 L385-30T52
395nm L395-30K00 L395-30K42 L395-30M00 L395-30M32 L395-30T52
405nm L405-30K00 L405-30K42 L405-30M00 L405-30M32 L405-30T52 L405-30M32L L405-30K42-PC (5.0mW-7.2mW)
visible light LED blue LED 430nm L430-30K00 L430-30K42 L430-30M00 L430-30M32 L430-30T52
450nm L450-30K00 L450-30K42 L450-30M00 L450-30M32 L450-30T52
470nm L470-30K00 L470-30K42 L470-30M00 L470-30M32 L470-30T52 L470-30M32L
bluish green LED 490nm L490-30K00 L490-30K42 L490-30M00 L490-30M32 L490-30T52
505nm L505-30K00 L505-30K42 L505-30M00 L505-30M32 L505-30T52
green LED 525nm L525-30K00 L525-30K42 L525-30M00 L525-30M32 L525-30T52
555nm L555-30K00 L555-30K42 L555-30M00 L555-30M32 L555-30T52 L555GN-35K42N
565nm L565-30K00 L565-30K42 L565-30M00 L565-30M32 L565-30T52
570nm L570-30K00 L570-30K42 L570-30M00 L570-30M32 L570-30T52
yellow LED 590nm L590-35D32-I L590-30K00 L590-30K42 L590-30M00 L590-30M32 L590-30T52
600nm L600-35K00 L600-35K42 L600-35M00 L600-35M32L L600-35T52
orange LED 610nm L610-35K00 L610-30K42 L610-35M00 L610-30M32 L610-35T52
625nm L625-35K00 L625-35K42 L625-35M00 L625-35M32 L625-35T52
red LED 630nm L630-35K00 L630-35K42 L630-35M00 L630-35M32 L630-35T52
645nm L645-35K00 L645-35K42 L645-35M00 L645-35M32 L645-35T52
660nm L660-35K00 L660-35K42 L660-35M00 L660N-35M32L L660-35T52
L660N-30K42N L660N-50M13N L660N-50M32L
infrared LED GaAs系 670nm L670-40K00 L670-40K42 L670-40M00 L670-40M32 L670-40T54
680nm L680-40K00 L680-40K42 L680-40M00 L680-40M32 L680-40T54 L680-40K32
690nm L690-40K00 L690-40K42 L690-40M00 L690-40M32 L690-40T54
700nm L700-40K00 L700-40K42 L700-40M00 L700-40M32 L700-40T54
720nm L720-40K00 L720-40K42 L720-40M00 L720-40M32 L720-40T54
735mn L735-40K00 L735-40K42 L735-40M00 L735-40M32 L735-40T54
750nm L750-40K00 L750-40K42 L750-40M00 L750-40M32 L750-40T54
760nm L760-40D32-I L760-40K00 L760-40K42 L760-40M00 L760-40M32 L760-40T54 L760-40K32
770nm L770-40K00 L770-40K42 L770-40M00 L770-40M32 L770-40T54
780nm L780-40K00 L780-40K42 L780-40M00 L780-40M32 L780-40T54
800nm L800-40K00 L800-40K42 L800-40M00 L800-40M32 L800-40T54
810nm L810-40K00 L810-40K42 L810-40M00 L810-40M32 L810-40T54 L810-40K32
L810N-40M32L L810N-40T54 L810N-40K59
830nm L830-40K00 L830-40K42 L830-40M00 L830-40M32 L830-40T54
840nm L840-40K00 L840-40K42 L840-40M00 L840-40M32 L840-40T52
850nm L850-40K00 L850-40K42 L850-40M00 L850-40M32 L850-40T54 L850-40C00
870nm L870-40D32-I L870-40K00 L870-40K42 L870-40M00 L870-40M32 L870-40T54 L870F-55M00
880nm L880-40D32-I L880-40K00
890nm L890-40D32-I L890-40K00 L890-40K42 L890-40M00 L890-40M32 L890-40T54 L890-40T42
910nm L910-40K00 L910-40K42 L910-40M00 L910-40M32 L910-40T54
940nm L940-40K00 L940-40K42 L940-40M00 L940-40M32 L940-40T54 L940-40D42 L940-40D52
970nm L970-40K00 L970-40K42 L970-40M00 L970-40M32 L970-40T54
InP系 1050nm L1050-35K00 L1050-35K42 L1050-35M00 L1050-35M32 L1050-35T52 L1050-35K32 L1050-35K42L
1070nm L1070-35K00 L1070-35K42 L1070-35M00 L1070-35M32 L1070-35T52
1085nm L1085-35K00 L1085-35M00
1200nm L1200-35K00 L1200-35K42 L1200-35M00 L1200-35M32 L1200-35T52 L1200-35K32
1300nm L1300-35K00 L1300-35K42 L1300-35M00 L1300-35M32 L1300-35T52 L1300-35K32 L1300-35D52 L1300-35D52-I
1450nm L1450-35K00 L1450-35K42 L1450-35M00 L1450-35M32 L1450-35T52 L1450-35K32
1550nm  L1550-30K42 L1550-30K42N
L1550-35K00 L1550-35M00 L1550-35M32 L1550-35T52 L1550-35D52 L1550-35D52-I
L1550-35K42L L1550-35M32L
1600nm L1600-35M32
multi chip LED Self monitoring LED 525nm, PD L525/PD010-35D52
780nm, PD L780/PD010-40D32
L780/PD010-40D32 L780/PD010-40D32A
810nm, PD L810/PD010-40D52
830nm, PD L830/PD010-40D52
890nm, PD L890/PD010-40D52
Multi wavelength LED 370nm L7*370-30P96
890nm L3*890-40T32-I
660nm, 890nm L660/890-35D32
660nm, 910nm L660/910-35D32
660nm, 940nm L660/940-40D32
730nm, 850nm L6*730/6*850-40Q96-I
735nm, 850nm L735/850-40D32  L2*735/2*850-40B52-I  L6*735/6*850-40Q96-I
770nm, 840nm L770/840-40C59-I L770/840-40D59
1050nm, 1300nm L1050/1300-35D32
470nm, 525nm, 630nm L470/525/630-30C32
470nm, 590nm, 630nm L470/590/630-30C32
525nm, 590nm, 630nm L525/590/630-30C32
660nm, 805nm, 940nm L660/805/940-35B42
660nm, 805nm, 975nm L660/805/975-40C00 L660/805/975-40D00
 730nm, 805nm, 850nm  L4*730/4*805/4*850-40Q96-I
 735nm, 805nm, 850nm  L735/805/850-40B32  L735/805/850-40C32
 770nm, 805nm, 870nm L770/805/870-40B59-I
 850nm, 940nm, 1050nm L850/940/1050-40C00
 850nm, 940nm, 1300nm L850/940/1300-40C52
 1200nm, 1300nm, 1450nm  L1200/1300/1450/PD-35B32
 1300nm, 1450nm, 1550nm  L1300/1450/1550/PD-35B32
569nm, 660nm, 805nm, 940nm  L569/660/805/940-35B42
660nm, 735nm, 805nm, 940nm L660/735/805/940-40B42
660nm, 735nm, 850nm, 975nm L660/735/850/975-40Q96-I
660nm, 805nm 940nm, PD L660/805/940/PD010-35B52
660nm, 805nm, 1200nm, 1300nm L660/805/1200/1300-35B32
660nm, 850nm, 940nm, 1300nm L660/850/940/1300-35B32
 660nm, 805nm, 940nm,1300nm  L2*660/805/940/6*1300-35Q96-I
690nm, 750nm, 800nm, 850nm L690/750/800/850-40B59
1200nm, 1300nm, 1450nm, PD L1200/1300/1450/PD-35B32
1300nm, 1450nm, 1550nm, PD L1300/1450/1550/PD-35B32