SMD Type Phototransistor


PT008-SMC is a surface mount type phototransistor featuring high photo current. This phototransistor consists of a chip with 0.6×0.6mm active area mounted in a ceramic package and covered with silicone or epoxy resin. This device exhibits a half angle of sensitivity ±40° and response time of 20us.

Chip Size: 0.8mmx0.8mm
Active Area:0.6mmx0.6mm
Package Type: Ceramics
Package Material: Silicone or Epoxy Resin

  Absolute Maximum Ratings [Ta=25ºC]
 Item Symbol Maxmum Rated Value Unit
 Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage  VCEO  30  V
 Emitter-Collector Breakdown Voltage VECO  5  V
 Collector Current IC  10  mA
 Collector Dissipation PC  50 mW
 Operating Temperature TOPR -25 ~ +100  ºC
 Storage Temperature TSTG  -30 ~ +125  ºC
 Soldering Temperature* TSOL  240  ºC

* Soldering condition must be completed within 2 secondsat 240ºC

Electro-Optica Characteristics [Ta=25ºC]
 Item  Symbol Condition Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
 Photo Current  IL VCE=5V, L=1000Lx  1 3  mA
Collector Dark Current  ID VCE=5V 100  nA
Collector Emitter Satu.Voltage VOC Ic=2mA, L=1000Lx  0.2  V
 Spectral Responsibility (Peak) λP  900  nm
 Half Angle of Sensitivity θ½  ±40  deg
 Rise Time(10%~90%) tr  RL=1kΩ, VCE=5V, Ic=1mA  20  us
 Fall Time(10%~90%) tf  20  us

Other Products:

Product#  Active Area(mm2) Peak Spectral Response(nm) Reverse Photo Current(μA)  Half Angle Sensitivity
PD006-SMC   0.44×0.44       900  6  ±40º