SMT (Surface Mount LEDs)

PLCC 2 and PLCC4 Top LED of 365 nm – 1550 nm with various lenses. Single & bi-color. We offer PLCC2 and PLCC4 plastic package SMD of peak wavelengths between .365 nm and 1650 nm. SMT: PLCC2 TOP LED sealed with silicone or epoxy. Several over- molded lens options are available. Bi-color and multi-color SMTs can be made. Customization is available. For more information, please contact us.

Lens Type and Radiation Characteristics
Flat Type  S1 Lens  23 Lens  25 Lens  27 Lens   29 Lens
with Epoxy or Silicone Resin Lens (From 365nm to 1650nm) with Epoxy Resin Lens (From 470nm to 1650nm)
 Over View  11-1  16-1  12-1  13-1  14-1  15-1
11 16 12 13 14 15
e.g. SMT780 Series

Product numbering: SMT + wavelength + # over molded lens

example: SMT750-23 is a PLCC2 TOP LED of 750 nm peak wavelength with -23 over molded lens.

SMT are moisture sensitive devices and need to be handled accordingly to the instructions in SMD LED storage and handling precautions below. Otherwise they may be damaged during solder reflow and may fail.

SMD LED Storage and Handling Precautions

Lead(Pb) Free Product – RoHS Compliant

wavelength flat type with lens
365nm SMT365V-S1
375nm SMT375R
405nm SMT405 SMT405R SMT405-S1    
415nm SMT415R    
420nm SMT420R    
430nm SMT430
435nm SMT435
450nm SMT450
470nm SMT470 SMT470-23
490nm SMT490
505nm SMT505 SMT505-23 SMT505-27
525nm SMT525
555nm SMT555
570nm SMT570
590nm SMT590W2-23
610nm SMT610
625nm SMT625
630nm SMT630 SMT630W-23
640nm SMT640
660nm SMT660 SMT660D/840
SMT660N SMT660N-23 SMT660N-25 SMT660N-27 SMT660N-29
670nm SMT670 SMT670-23
680nm SMT680 SMT680-23
690nm SMT690
700nm SMT700
720nm SMT720
735nm SMT735
750nm SMT750 SMT750-23 SMT750-25 SMT750-27
760nm SMT760
780nm SMT780 SMT780-23 SMT780-25 SMT780-27 SMT780-29
805nm SMT805N-23 +-5nm
808nm SMT808N-23
810nm SMT810
820nm SMT820
830nm SMT830N SMT830N-23 SMT830N-25
840nm SMT840
850nm SMT850N SMT850-23 SMT850-25 SMT850-27 SMT850-29
SMTT850D-2*50 SMT850D-23  SMT850D-S1 SMT850D-50-27 SMT850DOC
870nm SMT870N SMT870-23 SMT870-27
880nm SMT880
SMT880-2D SMT880-25-2D
890nm SMT890
900nm SMT900 SMT900-27
910nm SMT910
940nm SMT940 SMT940-23 SMT940-25
SMT940D SMT940D-23
970nm SMT970 SMT970-23 SMT970-25 SMT970-27 SMT970-29
SMT970D SMT970D-23
1050nm SMT1050
1070nm SMT1070
1200nm SMT1200 SMT1200-23
1300nm SMT1300 SMT1300-23 SMT1300-25 SMT1300-27 SMT1300-29
1450nm SMT1450 SMT1450-23 SMT1450-S1
1550nm SMT1550 SMT1550-23 SMT1550-S1
1650nm SMT1650-23 SMT1650-S1
white SMTW47
white, 850nm SMT47W/850D
660nm, 840nm SMT660N/840N
660nm, 890nm SMT660/890
660nm, 910nm SMT660/910 SMT660N/910
660nm, 940nm SMT660N/940 SMT660N_940-23
700nm, 940nm SMT700/940
735nm, 850nm SMT735/850 SMT735D/850D
735nm, 890nm SMT735/890
760nm, 850nm SMT760/850 SMT760/850N
830nm, 940nm SMT830/940-A
850nm, 940nm SMT850/940
470nm, 525nm, 645nm SMT-RGB
640nm, 700nm, 910nm SMT640/700/910
660nm,805nm,940nm SMT660N/805/940
735nm, 780nm, 810nm SMT735/780/810
850nm, 890nm, 940nm SMT850/890/940