Surface Mount LEDs

SMC is the smallest SMD we offer.  A LED chip is mounted on a ceramic package and sealed with silicone. Customization is available. For more information, please contact us.

Lead(Pb) Free Product – RoHS Compliant

Product numbering:

Example: SMC850 is a ceramic package SMD of 850 nm peak wavelength

SMD LED Storage and Handling Precautions

Surface Mount LEDs
395 405 430 470 490 505 525 565 570 630 660 680 700 720 735 750 770 810 830 850 870 880 890 940 970 1050 1200 1300 1450 1550
Ceramic SMD  
wavelength Color flat type with lens
395nm UV SMC395   SMCC395-1100
405nm SMC405 SMC405 (+/- 4nm)
430nm Blue SMC430
470nm SMC470
490nm Greenish Blue SMC490
505nm SMC505
525nm Green SMC525
565nm SMC565
570nm SMC570
630nm Red SMC630
660nm SMC660
680nm Infrared SMC680
700nm SMC700
720nm SMC720
735nm SMC735
750nm SMC750
760nm SMC760
770nm SMC770
810nm SMC810
830nm SMC830
850nm SMC850
870nm SMC870
880nm SMC880
890nm SMC890
940nm SMC940
970nm SMC970
1050nm SMC1050
1200nm SMC1200
1300nm SMC1300
1450nm Near Infrared SMC1450
1550nm Infrared SMC1550