High Power Surface Mount LED

The SMBD and SMBD series has one, two, or three 1.0 x 1.0 mm chips mounted on a copper heat sink in a 5 x 5 mm package. The SMBD and SMBB series are designed to be used with proper heat sinking to improve thermal conductive efficiency. The over-molded lens viewing angle options include approximately +/- 10, 40, and 60 degree half view angles. Flat-surface SMBD and SMBD can be used with secondary optics TINA lens to further enhance their radiant intensity.  Standard wavelengths offered in SMBD and SMBB are 365 to 1550 nm. For more information, please contact us.

SMBD and SMBB are moisture sensitive devices and need to be handled accordingly to the instructions in SMD LED storage and handling precautions below.  Otherwise they may be damaged during solder reflow and may fail.


Lens Type and Radiation Characteristics

Flat Type  02 Lens (Dimension) 03 Lens  05 Lens 
Overview   1-1  2-1  3-1  4-1
 1  2  3  4

*e.g. SMBB760D Series


SMD LED Storage and Handling Precautions

Lead(Pb) Free Product – RoHS Compliant

SMBD and SMBB Series

Product numbering:”SMBB/SMBD” + Wavelength + Number of chips used + 100 + Lens type

SMBB”D” Series (High Power Type)
Wavelength Flat -02 -03 -05 2 Chip 3 Chip
590nm SMBB590D-1100
660nm SMBB660D-1100 SMBB660D-1100-02 SMBB660D-1100-03 SMBB660D-1100-05
680nm SMBB680D-1100-02
690nm SMBB690D-1100 SMBB690D-1100-02 SMBB690D-1100-03 SMBB690D-1100-05
700nm SMBB700D-1100 SMBB700D-1100-02 SMBB700D-1100-03 SMBB700D-1100-05
740nm SMBB740D-1100 SMBB740D-1100-02 SMBB740D-1100-03 SMBB740D-1100-05
760nm SMBB760D-1100 SMBB760D-1100-02 SMBB760D-1100-03 SMBB760D-1100-05
780nm SMBB780D-1100 SMBB780D-1100-02 SMBB780D-1100-03 SMBB780D-1100-05
810nm SMBB810D-1100 SMBB810D-1100-02 SMBB810D-1100-03 SMBB810D-1100-05
850nm SMBB850D-1100 SMBB850D-1100-02 SMBB850D-1100-03 SMBB850D-1100-05
SMBD850D-1100 SMBD850D-1100-02 SMBD850D-1100-03 SMBD850D-1100-05 SMBD850D-2100S-I SMBD850D-3100S-I
910nm SMBB910D-1100 SMBB910D-1100-02 SMBB910D-1100-03 SMBB910D-1100-05
940nm SMBB940D-1100 SMBB940D-1100-02 SMBB940D-1100-03 SMBB940D-1100-05
970nm SMBB970D-1100 SMBB970D-1100-02
980nm SMBB980D-1100 SMBB980D-1100-02 SMBB980D-1100-03 SMBB980D-1100-05
SMBB”DS” Series (High Power Type)
Wavelength Flat -02 -03 -05 2 Chip 3 Chip
850nm SMBB850DS-1100 SMBB850DS-1100-02 SMBB850DS-1100-03 SMBB850DS-1100-05
890nm SMBB890DS-1100
940nm SMBB940DS-1100 SMBB940DS-1100-02
SMBB Series
Wavelength Flat -02 -03 -05
365nm SMBB365V-1100 SMBB365V-1100-02 SMBB365V-1100-03 SMBB365V-1100-05
SMBB365H-1100 SMBB365H-1100-02 SMBB365H-1100-03 SMBB365H-1100-05
375nm SMBB375V-1100 SMBB375V-1100-02 SMBB375V-1100-03 SMBB375V-1100-05
385nm SMBB385V-1130 SMBB385V-1130-02 SMBB385V-1130-03 SMBB385V-1130-05
395nm SMBB395V-1100 SMBB395V-1100-02 SMBB395V-1100-03 SMBB395V-1100-05
SMBB395H-1100 SMBB395H-1100-02 SMBB395H-1100-03 SMBB395H-1100-05
405nm SMBB405V-1100 SMBB405V-1100-02 SMBB405V-1100-03 SMBB405V-1100-05
SMBB405H-1100 SMBB405H-1100-02 SMBB405H-1100-03 SMBB405H-1100-05
415nm SMBB415H-1100 SMBB415H-1100-02 SMBB415H-1100-03 SMBB415H-1100-05
SMBB420H-1100 (SMBD420-1100)
SMBB420H-1100-02 (SMBD420-1100-02) SMBB420V-1100-02 SMBB420H-1100-03 (SMBD420-1100-03) SMBB420H-1100-05 (SMBD420-1100-05)
430nm SMBB430H-1100 SMBB430H-1100-02
435nm SMBB435V-1100 (+/-5nm)
450nm SMBB450H-1100 (SMBD450-1100) SMBB450H-1100-02 (SMBD450-1100-02) SMBB450H-1100-03 (SMBD450-1100-03) SMBB450H-1100-05(SMBD450-1100-05)
470nm SMBB470H-1100 (SMBD470-1100) SMBB470H-1100-02 (SMBD470-1100-02) SMBB470H-1100-03(SMBD470-1100-03) SMBB470H-1100-05 (SMBD470-1100-05)
490nm SMBB490H-1100 (SMBD490H-1100) SMBB490H-1100-02 (SMBD490H-1100-02) SMBB490H-1100-03 (SMBD490H-1100-03) SMBB490H-1100-05 (SMBD490H-1100-05)
520nm SMBB520H-1100 (SMBD520-1100) SMBB520H-1100-02 (SMBD520-1100-02) SMBB520H-1100-03(SMBD520-1100-03) SMBB520H-1100-05 (SMBD520-1100-05)
525nm SMBB525V-1100 SMBB525V-1100-02 SMBB525V-1100-03 SMBB525V-1100-05
570nm SMBB570H-1100
620nm SMBB620-1100 SMBB620-1100-02 SMBB620-1100-03 SMBB620-1100-05
630nm SMBB630H-1100(SMBD630-1100) SMBB630H-1100-02 (SMBD630-1100-02) SMBB630H-1100-03(SMBD630-1100-03) SMBB630H-1100-05 (SMBD630-1100-05)
670nm SMBB670-1100 SMBB670-1100-02 SMBB670-1100-03 SMBB670-1100-05
680nm SMBB680-1100 SMBB680-1100-02 SMBB680-1100-02(+/-5nm) SMBB680-1100-03 SMBB680-1100-05
690nm SMBB690-1100 SMBB690-1100-02 SMBB690-1100-03 SMBB690-1100-05
700nm SMBB700-1100 SMBB700-1100-02 SMBB700-1100-03 SMBB700-1100-05
720nm SMBB720-1100 SMBB720-1100-02 SMBB720-1100-03 SMBB720-1100-05
735nm SMBB735-1100 SMBB735-1100-02 SMBB735-1100-03 SMBB735-1100-05
750nm SMBB750-1100 SMBB750-1100-02 SMBB750-1100-03 SMBB750-1100-05
760nm SMBB760-1100 SMBB760-1100-02 SMBB760-1100-03 SMBB760-1100-05
770nm SMBB770-1100 SMBB770-1100-02 SMBB770-1100-03 SMBB770-1100-05
780nm SMBB780-1100 SMBB780-1100-02 SMBB780-1100-03 SMBB780-1100-05
810nm SMBB810N-1100 SMBB810N-1100-02 SMBB810N-1100-03 SMBB810N-1100-05
830nm SMBB830N-1100 SMBB830N-1100-02 SMBB830N-1100-03 SMBB830N-1100-05
850nm SMBB850N-1100 SMBB850N-1100-02 (SMBB850-1100-02) SMBB850N-1100-03 (SMBB850-1100-03) SMBB850N-1100-05(SMBB850-1100-05)
870nm SMBB870-1100 SMBB870-1100-02 SMBB870-1100-03 SMBB870-1100-05
880nm SMBB880-1100 SMBB880-1100-02 SMBB880-1100-03 SMBB880-1100-05
940nm SMBB940-1100 SMBB940-1100-02 SMBB940-1100-03 SMBB940-1100-05
970nm SMBB970-1100 SMBB970-1100-02 SMBB970-1100-03 SMBB970-1100-05
980nm SMBB980-1100 SMBB980-1100-02 SMBB980-1100-03 SMBB980-1100-05
990nm SMBB990-1100
1050nm SMBB1050-1100 SMBB1050-1100-02 SMBB1050-1100-03
SMBB1050G-1100 SMBB1050G-1100-02
1200nm SMBB1200-1100
1300nm SMBB1300-1100 SMBB1300-1100-02 SMBB1300-1100-03
1450nm SMBB1450-1100 SMBB1450-1100-02 SMBB1450-1100-03
1500nm SMBB1500-1100
1550nm SMBB1550-1100 SMBB1550-1100-02 SMBB1550-1100-03
1650nm SMBB1650-1100 SMBB1650-1100-02
White SMBBW46-3100S-I
SMBD & SMBB with Secondary Optics
Wavelength (Typical Half-viewing angle (degrees +/-) TINA-RS (+/- 4) TINA-D (+/- 8) TINA-W (+/- 21)
740nm SMBB740D-2100S-I-TINA-RS  
780nm SMBB780D-2100S-I-TINA-RS
850nm SMBB850D-3100-I-TINA-RS
870nm SMBB870-3100S-I-TINA-RS
880nm SMBB880D-3100S-I-TINA-RS
SMCC Series
Wavelength Flat
365nm SMCC365-1100
395nm SMCC395-1100
SMB Series
940nm SMB940R-1100 SMB940-1100-02
405/850 SMBT2/405/850D-3100-I
660/730/805/940 nm SMB660D/730/805D/940D-4040