GaAlAs Infrared Emitting Diodes  Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24

The HE8807SG/FL are single heterojunction structure GaAlAs light emitting diodes with a wavelength of
880 nm.
• High output, high efficiency
• Narrow spectral width
• Sharp radiation directivity (HE8807FL)
• Wide radiation directivity (HE8807SG)
• High reliability

 Package Type
HE8807SG: SG1 HE8807FL: FL  Internal Circuit
 SG1  FL  Circuit



  Absolute Maximum Ratings [Tc=25C°​ ]  
 Item Symbol Value Unit
 Forward Current IF 200 mA
Reverse Ciltage VR 3 V
Operating Temperature Topr -20 to +85  C°
 Storage Temperature Tstg -40 to +100  C°



       Optical and Electrical Characteristics [Tc=25C°​ ] ​
 Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Test Conditions
 Optical Output Power HE8807SG Po 10  mW IF=150mA
HE8807FL  Pf* 0.5 IF=20mA
 Peak Wavelength  λp  800 880 900  nm  IF=150mA
 Spectral Width  ∆λ  30 60  nm  IF=150mA
 Forward Voltage  VF  1.7 2.3  V  IF=150mA
 Reverse Current  IR 100  µA  VR=3V
 Capacitance  Ct  10 pF  VR=0V, f=1MHz
 Rise Time  tr  20  ns  IF=50mA
Fall Time tf 20 ns IF=50mA
  • Pf specification: The optical output within 9 degrees of the acceptance angle.


Package Dimensions (Unit:mm) 
 SG1-type FL-type
 SG1-type  FL-type


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