Deep UV

Short wave length of 350nm or less and high output are achieved concurrently by means of our innovative proprietary technology.  

Lead(Pb) Free Product – RoHS Compliant

Naked Bare Die (Flip Chip Form)

Bare Chip
Deep UV
265nm DF7V
 280nm DF8V DF8X
 310nm  UF1V  UF1X  UF4X
 325nm  UF3V
 340nm  UF4V


Lamp Module 
Lump  Module
     Quick Reference  xFxVF-1X009 series

 SMD / SMD Dome Top

SMD Package 1 SMD Package 2 SMD Package 3
 3.0 x2.0mm

SMD Dome Top

3.5 x 3.5mm

SMD Flat Top 

2.5 x 3.5mm

High Power package 

SMD pkg pkg2 SMD
 xFxVK-2F001 series xFxHA-0F001 series xFxXA-0F001 series

Metal Can

Metal Can Package 1 Metal Can Package 2 Metal Can Package 3 Metal Can Package 4
1F11 1F13 1H21 1H32
 XFVL-1F11 series XFVL-1F13 series XFVL-1H21 series VL-1H211 series XFVL-1H33 series

xFxVL-1H331 series

Metal Can Package 5 Metal Can Package 6 Metal Can Package 7 Metal Can Package 8
1H33 1H36 1H41 1H56
XFVL-1H36 series


XFVL-1H41 series XFVL-1H32 series XFVL-1H56 series

xFxVL-1H561 series