Bi-color LEDs (two chips) and Multi-color LEDs (multiple chips)

Bi-color LEDs consist of two chips mounted on a lead and sealed with an epoxy lens. Multi chip LEDs consist of more than 2 chips mounted on metal stem package and sealed with a glass lens or mounted on a printed circuit board. Some products contain multiple chips of the same wavelength. For example: L2x735/2×850-40B52-I has 2 chips of 735 nm + 2 chips of 850 nm in a 40B52-I package. Please also see “Surface Mount LEDs” for additional bi-color LEDs. If need a custom part we are willing to discuss the options; Please contact us.

Product numbering examples: Product numbering L7*370-30P96 consist of 7 chips of 370 nm in a 30P96 package. Product numbering L525/590/630-30C32 consists of one chip of 525, 590 and 630 nm in a 30C32 package. Please click on the desired product for data sheets. contact us if no link appears for a desired combination.

Lead(Pb) Free Product – RoHS Compliant

Bi-Color LEDs
Wavelength (nm) Data Sheet
395/940 L395/940-37 L395/940R-34GS
430/565 L430/565-04A
430/568 L430/568-04A
470/660 L470/660-04A
490/610 L490/610-04
505/630 L505/630-02
525/660 L525/660-31
525/850 L525H/850D-10035D00
565/660 L565/660-04A
570/605 L570/605-04A
635/760 L635/760-04A
645/700 L645/700-04A
660/850 L660/850-04A L660N/850-04A L660/850-33 L660N/850-33
660/810 L660N/810-33
660/890 L660/890-04A L660/890-35D32 L660/890-40D00
660/910 L660/910-04A
660/940 L660/940-04A L660/940-40D32
680/940 L680/940-04A
750/850 L750/850-04A
760/850 L760/850-04A L760/850-38
760/840 L760/840-05A
760/940 L760/940-04A
810/870 L810/870-04A
Multi-color LEDs
Wavelength (nm) Data Sheet
7×370 L7x370-30P96
470/525/630 L470/525/630-30C32
470/590/630 L470/590/630-30C32
525/590/630 L525/590/630-30C32
565/635/760/PD006 L565/635/760/PD006-3CB00
569/660/805/940 L569/660/805/940-35B42
590/660/850/975 L590/660/850/975-40Q96-I
2X660/805/940/6×1300 L2X660/805/940/6×1300-35Q96-I
2×660/850/940/6×1300 L2x660/850/940/6×1300-35Q96-I
660/735/805/940 L660D/735/805/940-35B42  L660/735/805/940-40B42   L660D/735/805/940-40B42 L660/735/805/940-40B42-C-I
660/735/850/975 L660/735/850/975-40Q96-1
660/805/940/PD010 L660/805/940/PD010-35B52 L660/805/975-40D00
660/805/975 L660/805/975-40D00
4×730/4×805/4×850 L4x730/4×805/4×850-40Q96-I
660/805/1200/1300 L660/805/1200/1300-35B32
660/850/940/1300 L660/850/940/1300-35B32
6X730/6X850 L6x730.6×850-40Q96-I
4×730/4×805/4×850 L4x730.4×805.4×850-40Q96-I
6×735/6×850 L6x735.6×850-40Q96-I
4×735/4×805/4×850 L4x735.4×805.4×850-40Q96-I
2×735/2×850 L2x735.2×850-40B52-I
735/805/850 L735/805/850-40B32  L735/805/850-40C32
L735/805/850/PD L735/805/850/PD-35B32
4×760/4×805/4×850 L4x760.4×805.4×850-40Q96-I
4×760/4×805/4×850/PD2 L4x760.4×805.4×850.PD2x006-40Q96-I
3×890 L3x890-40T32
1200/1300/PD L1200/1300/PD-35B32
1200/1300/1450/PD L1200/1300/1450/PD-35B32  L1200/1300/1450/PD-35B32-AP(+/-10nm)
1300/1450/1550/PD L1300/1450/1550/PD-35B32