14 February 2017: Event / Radtech uv.eb west 2017, Feb 27 ~ Mar 1, 2017 / San Francisco, CA

6 February 2017: Event / dw17Display Week 2017  May 23 ~ 25, 2017 / Los Angels, CA

21 September 2016: Event / Electronica 2016 in Germany  electronica2016  Marubeni Booth#: HallA / 541

6 June 2016: Event / Laser Photonics INDIA, 21-23 September 2016 / Bangalore Int’l Exhibition Center  


6 April 2016: Event / Display Week 2016   24-26 May, 2016 Moscone Center, SF

Display weekWearable Display Product manufactured by ColorLink Japan Ltd. sold and distributed by Marubeni America Corporation. Please contact for meeting request with us.

Japan Logo - High Res    Booth#1408

23 Feb 2016: Event / Rad Tech2016, 16 – 18 May 2016


Location: Hyatt Regency O’Hare – Chicago Illinois  Marubeni Booth Number: 219

13 Jan 2016: Event / SPIE Photonics West 2016, 16 – 18 Feb 2016

SPIE1Location: San Francisco, California, United States, Marubeni Booth Number: 4958   Please contact for meeting request with us.

08 Dec 2015: New White Side View LED / More Information

09 Oct 2015: Event / SPIE Photonics West 2016, 16 – 18 Feb 2016

10 Aug 2015: New White LED product/AB3528-RGB-00, AB3528-xxW-00

29 Jun 2015: We have started to provide Metal Core PCBs. Please check now!
29 Jun 2015:  16/June/2015 Changed the corporate name of EPITEX INC. to USHIO EPITEX INC.

25 Feb 2015: Event / Higher Power, Longer Lifetime UV-C LED Breakthrough Technology Enables New Design Criteria / PDF File

23 Feb 2015: Event / LASER World of PHOTONICS, June 22-25, 2015: Messe Munchen


23 Dec 2014: Event / SPIE Photonics West 2015, 10 – 12 Feb 2015

  SPIE1 Location: San Francisco, California, United States, Marubeni Booth Number: 5402   Please contact for meeting request with us.

7 May 2013: SMB with “02” over-molded lens to be discontinued by the end of 2013. 

SMB with “02” over-molded lens will be discontinued by the end of 2013. The product number affected is SMBXXX-1100-02. The Epitex 2nd generation high power SMD, SMBBXXX-1100-02, is replacing SMBXXX-1100-02. SMBBXXX-1100-02 is comparable to SMBXXX-1100-02 in performance and is more robust due to its silicone lens, which reduces the chance of LED failure caused by vapor pressure during the solder reflow process.

SMB with “04″ and “05” over-molded lens will be discontinued when SMBBXXX-1100-04 and SMBBXXX-1100-05 are released in the near future. Please contact us for more information.

13 June 2012: 2nd Generation high power SMD made with silicone over-molded lens, SMBB is now available in 490 nm peak wavelength.


Learn more about SMBB.

8 June 2012: High power UV SMD, SMZ is now available with 365 nm horizontal structure chip and 375 nm vertical structure chip.

SMZ365H-1100 : 365nm Horizontal Type LED, IF=350mA Po=50mW

SMZ375V-1100:  375nm Vertical Type LED IF=350mA Po=290mW

Learn more about SMZ.

18 August 2009: 660nm LED for plant grow light and photo synthetically active radiation (PAR)

L660-06N is designed to generate highest radiant power.  It emits visible light of 660 nm peak wavelength and is very moisture resilient. i

30 April 2009: SMT made of PLCC4 package

In addition to the SMT of the PLCC2 package, the SMT of the PLCC4 package is now available. One of our PLCC4 SMT’s, SMTQ870, consists of an AlGaAs LED and generates 40mW typical total radiant power and 40mW/sr radiant intensity at 870nm peak wavelength.