About Us

Marubeni America Corporation, which we also refer to as “MAC,” is a general trading company, engaged as an intermediary, importer/exporter, facilitator or broker in various types of trade between and among business enterprises and countries. We are the largest overseas subsidiary of the Japanese “sogo shosha” called Marubeni Corporation, which originated in Osaka in 1858. But unlike many other businesses of our size and scope, MAC has few fixed assets, relying instead on the creativity, ingenuity and innovation of our talented and experienced people, our intensive information gathering skills and our extensive financial resources and acumen.

MAC trades in a broad range of commodities, agricultural goods, machinery, energy products, and natural resources for our own account, and on behalf of our clients. In addition, we are more than just global traders and brokers. We also act as major financiers, investors and large-scale organizers. We play a vital role in the logistics of transactions, such as the global movement of products. We assume and manage risk involved in transactions and act as business consultants, using our vast trade experience in new business development. We provide many specialized services, including sales support, transportation, insurance, storage, financing and leasing, engineering and construction service, and traffic and logistics planning. We are also the holding company of, or significant investor in, a number of major companies within our specialty industries. We are headquartered in New York City, with several other U.S. locations and approximately 40 subsidiary and affiliated companies across the United States, Canada and Mexico. We can also access a network of over 125 Marubeni Group offices and about 450 associated companies worldwide, all of which provide Marubeni offices and affiliates with up-to-the-minute information on commodities, commerce and finance. Through this extensive global network, Marubeni America Corporation is able to facilitate complex projects and transactions, and can assist you in expanding your present business or in identifying and developing new business opportunities.

About Tech-LED

Tech-LED is the web site run by the LED business unit of Marubeni America Corporation. Marubeni America Corporation is a 20% shareholder of Ushio Epitex Incorporated. Our goal is to support your LED requirements by offering more than 50 wavelengths from 360 to 1550 nm, available in SMD, thru-hole packages, multi-chip arrays and chip form. We will also offer custom LED and chip-on-board solutions.

Contact Information for LED products

  Country  Address  Tel Mobile   Fax  e-mail URL Contact
USA Silicon Valley 3945 Freedom Circle, Suite 1000, Santa Clara, CA 95054 408-330-0650 408-330-0655 info@tech-led.com http://www.tech-led.com/
 HK Hong Kong  20/F., Tower 1, Admiralty Centre,18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong  852-2876-5233  852-2865-6486 HongKong@tech-led.com http://www.marubeni.com.hk/  Tsui, Man Marky
 EU Belgium  60 rue Verhulst, B-1180 Brussels, Belgium +32 2 343 35 45 +32 478 22 23 30 Belgium@tech-led.com http://europe.marubeni.com/  Chiharu
England  95 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7AB, England  44 20 7826 8778 England@tech-led.com http://europe.marubeni.com/  John, Yoko
Germany  Terhardthof 60, 46539 Dinslaken, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany +49 (0)2064-6709-215 +49 (0)172-2036697  +49 (0) 2064-6709-216 Germany@tech-led.com http://europe.marubeni.com/  Kaufmann, Patrick
TW Taiwan  3F,NO.96,SEC.2,CHUNG SHAN N.RD.TAIPET,TAIWAN +886-2-25226639 +886-937-450615 Taiwan@tech-led.com http://www.marubeni.com.tw/ Lee, Grant
EU Russia, E.EU Russia@tech-led.com Golo, Eva


USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. (“UOS”) is a leader in UV and infrared LED technology with the highest power, widest variety of wavelengths, packages, and emission angles in the world. UOS LEDs have been approved for numerous applications including medical, machine vision, biometrics, license recognition, night vision, consumer electronics, and UV curing.

USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. was established in July, 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary of USHIO Inc. President and Chief Operating Officer is Uichiro Kobayashi.
USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. succeeded to LED and red, violet and infrared laser diode business from Oclaro Japan Inc. See http://www.ushio-optosemi.com/en/index.html
USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. and USHIO Epitex Inc. were merged in July, 2016.